• No Children No Syria

    Without food, without safe shelter, without education, and with constant fear, Syrian children will disappear. What happens to Syria when there are no children left?

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  • Zakat made Easy

    "The believer's shade on the Day of Resurrection will be his charity." We'll help you automatically work out how much Zakat you need to pay.

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  • Zakat ul Fitrana

    Fast track your fitrana to Syria. Just text FITRA30 £5 to 70070 & we'll do the rest! 

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A small group pledges to raise a few hundred, for a school in Syria. Together they are able could build several... http://t.co/wa28bRxrFP

Eid Mubarak! From the team at Human Care Syria, we wish you all a happy Eid. May your Ramadan and worship all... http://t.co/BtMazadz9g

From Human Care Syria, we would like to wish everyone an accepted Ramadan inshaAllah and Eid Mubarak :) http://t.co/gJv9PRQHS1

We would like to wish all our Muslim Brothers & Sisters a very a big EID MUBARAK! Thank you for all your support... http://t.co/OVMbbW9UKz

Help them to rebuild their lives! Send your Fitrana today. Just text FTRA30 £5 to 70070 £5 - per person £10 -... http://t.co/oyzLbLoS31

EID CLOTHES FOR A SYRIAN CHILD £10 !!! Please donate £10 and gift a child in Syria Eid clothes that they wished... http://t.co/BKiAwOl7dR

Syria needs our Fitrana, please send your Fitrana to Syria today! Just text FTRA30 £5 to 70070 & we'll do the... http://t.co/1u5snhLdhL

"You have two hands one for helping yourself the other for helping others" Help a Syrian family today :... http://t.co/TG1va4Qp5e

A smile is the same in every language :) He is smiling because of you. This is one of our students in our Care... http://t.co/gsygM1hZUI

Last week, the worst killing occurred within the space of 48 hours 700 killed in Syria Although the news we... http://t.co/f1of0Aequ6

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