• Education

    Help prevent a lost generation of Syrian children, by sponsoring a child to go back to school for just £10 a month!

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  • Winter Campaign

    Millions of Syrian Refugees like Amal can't afford a blanket this winter, you can help by gifting a winter kit today!

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  • Orphan Sponsorship

    Provide a vulnerable Syrian orphan with nutrition, medical and educational needs, which will enable them to break out of the cycle of poverty.

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Nearly 30,000 Syrian children born in Lebanon as refugees at risk of statelessness! How would you define... http://t.co/EHSXcNMc9R

Dear Friends, As the year comes to an end, we thought we would like to send you a warm, special greeting.... http://t.co/Wowug7RUnv

Snow storms, freezing temperatures and displaced... Hundreds of thousands of Syrian child refugees are suffering... http://t.co/U1jTrlezv9

"Always listen to your heart because even though it's on your left side, it's always right"... http://t.co/a0Z21hhCQv

2 million children cannot go to school, and by the end of this year the UNHCR expects there to be 4.1 million... http://t.co/sQCFGbdgyR

Education is the future "refugee children almost always tell us that education is the most important thing in... http://t.co/9VmR71fiTT

Cold weather, cold tents... ...don't show the Syrian children a cold heart, please send a warm winter kit to the... http://t.co/tR5f8Bg4hD

There are an estimated 1.7 million Syrian refugees living in Turkey. Around 350,000 of those are children, but... http://t.co/8u5YpRJp1L

We can't leave the Syrian children out in the cold... Please help us during this winter season to send Winter... http://t.co/PgXNaNKGcZ

"Never worry about numbers. HELP ONE PERSON at a time and always start with the person nearest you"... http://t.co/8xmRELiLl4

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"A person's most useful asset is not a head full of knowledge, but a heart full of LOVE, an ear ready to LISTEN... http://t.co/iaVUooXDTr

What rights should every human have? Today marks Human Rights Day 2014,that is observed annually to highlight... http://t.co/3qMEKFnbAl

10.8 million people inside Syria are in need of humanitarian assistance – the delivery of which is frequently... http://t.co/4cWxVA6NUa

It's December and the temperatures are dropping, but we have the luxury of coats, gloves and radiators to keep us... http://t.co/VAYvZJqI1A

Rich countries should take 5% of 3 million Syrian refugees! "Britain has claimed it will take on hundreds of... http://t.co/KzBBk0hFw0

In total, more than 10 million Syrians, or 45% of the country’s population are believed to have been forced out... http://t.co/236cqm6gqf

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