• Education

    Help prevent a lost generation of Syrian children, by sponsoring a child to go back to school for just £10 a month!

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  • Winter Campaign

    Millions of Syrian Refugees like Amal can't afford a blanket this winter, you can help by gifting a winter kit today!

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  • Orphan Sponsorship

    Provide a vulnerable Syrian orphan with nutrition, medical and educational needs, which will enable them to break out of the cycle of poverty.

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"We are children and we like to do what every other child does.... play" Picture: This was taken from the ground... http://t.co/qpJB5rcDJX

It brings a smile to see such beautiful pictures of hope Syrian Refugees in Zaatari Camp Document Their Athletic... http://t.co/zKzB9qnbPI

Clothes containers have arrived to Syria from the Czeck Republic! It's always a pleasure to see the amazing work... http://t.co/uqdpUmelva

The white winter looks beautiful, but only when you are warm enough to survive in it. Millions of vulnerable... http://t.co/sy8g9GnsnE

You can make a difference if you try! Make a difference for the Syrian refugees this winter, send them a Winter... http://t.co/eGEr1arulo

May we all be given the ability to help the children of Syria. They deserve the most beautiful future! Support... http://t.co/r75T8W8oTp

Blankets being delivered to Syrian Refugees :) Please help us deliver more winter kits to Syria. Just £20... http://t.co/op3EVnTNcc

Imagine my winter in Syria... Would you send her a winter kit? Provide her with blanket, jacket, gloves and hat... http://t.co/KnxXjlJhco

The HCS Team would like to give a shot out to Roshanak Nekooi for her effort in fundraising for the Syrian cause... http://t.co/UsOTdrtrmV

Will you send us some winter kits? Send a winter kits today to the most needy across Syria, just £20 provides... http://t.co/9yWjGHvv9D

Everyone can do simple things to make a difference, and EVERY little bit really does count! Donate a Winter Kit... http://t.co/URdx3DuVw1

***NEWS*** It's not easy to have no option but to leave your home! The people of the Syrian city of Aleppo have... http://t.co/o2nUywrsnw

YouTube video shows Syria boy 'braving sniper fire' to rescue young girl trapped in shoot-out... http://t.co/xZSjqsWKfD

Winter kits are being delivered to Syria! :) Thank you for everyone who has donated towards a winter kit, if you... http://t.co/YtHespOG4o

Will you send me a blanket this winter? Just 66p day will pay for a 1 winter kit, that is full of essentials... http://t.co/CsswUm8XJh

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