• Care Schools Fundraiser

    Join us on Thursday 25th September at the Porchester Hall, London for a Syrian dinner with Dr Azzam Akhanji, Professor Mukesh Kapila & Victoria Brittain

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  • Eid Clothes

    The Prophet (pbuh) encourages us to wear the best clothes we have on Eid. Give Syrian children something new to wear this Eid day.

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  • Feed 375,000 Syrians!

    This Qurbani, we will be on the ground in Syria, Turkey, Lebanon & Jordan, distributing your Qurbani meat to over 75,000 displaced families.

    Just £150 for a full Qurbani in Syria!


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Help us feed 375,000 Syrians this Eid! With your help we will distribute fresh Qurbani to those in need inside... http://t.co/J8qKcY67gH

UN calls for better protection of refugees. The Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees has called for... http://t.co/oEUldo8PJM

This Eid send a gift to the Syrian children! Provide them with a brand new outfit to put a smile on their faces.... http://t.co/NzzmSdBAd0

“The children do their lessons underground in the basement because of the bombings,” This is the sad reality... http://t.co/iRBot0QcHv

QURBANI APPEAL This Eid we are looking to provide Qurbani meat to the refugee families in Syria, Turkey, Lebanon... http://t.co/lrdCNtZB5g

CARE SCHOOLS: FUNDRAISING DINNER Book your place today! Join us on Thursday 25th September for a Syrian dinner... http://t.co/GoNr5fMRfS

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Syrian women find independence in embroidery. "Of the nearly 3 million Syrian refugees currently sheltered in... http://t.co/gWv1MrAzrU

Victoria Brittain is one of our special speakers for our FUNDRAISING DINNER! She is a journalist and writer. She... http://t.co/rQwo65PMF3

"The power of a touch, smile, kind word, listening ear, smallest act of caring, all have the potential to turn a... http://t.co/fAnzS7kMLH

QURBANI APPEAL This Eid send a Qurbani to Syria and surrounding countries and help us feed the needy. Donate £50... http://t.co/ajYqpqcMXr

Do you have any plans for September 25th?? Join us for the CARE SCHOOLS FUNDRAISING DINNER at Porchester Hall for... http://t.co/NdvDPyrnXo

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