• Zakat made Easy

    "The believer's shade on the Day of Resurrection will be his charity." We'll help you automatically work out how much Zakat you need to pay.

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  • Orphan Sponsorship

    Hundreds of thousands of Syrian children have mothers and fathers due to the protracted conflict between government and non-governmental forces.

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  • Arsal Emergency Appeal

    From one struggle to another, now Syrians are fighting for their survival once again. With death haunting the camps every day and dozens of camps turned to ashes, Arsal Refugee camps are in urgent need of your help.

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Drought exhausts affected communities in Syria. “The drought will place further strain on communities who have... http://t.co/ZptwdPJtXi

What can your £10 do: - one £10 donation can make a child smile with new clothes - £10 can provide one child with... http://t.co/JQHJAJnrV8

The Syrian conflict began in spring 2011. Since then, 6.5 million people have been forced to flee their homes.... http://t.co/d6GCZyx1lh

Today is The World Humanitarian Day 2014. It’s a day to recognise all the humanitarian colleagues who risk their... http://t.co/R1M3NKXLPb

A total of 452 Syrian refugees, mostly women, children and elderly people entered Jordan through various border... http://t.co/K4jBwKhqWb

Life is an echo what you send out comes back. Do something good today, make a donation texting ERSL10 £10 to... http://t.co/nxJRthX3nf

74% of the Syrian displaced families in Lebanon are suffering FOOD INSECURITY, the United Nations High Commission... http://t.co/R79wX5czYl

Refugee children are the most vulnerable, they are in constant risk of death, illness or malnutrition. They... http://t.co/eM6AWYhEhh

Make today count! Send your help to the Syrian refugees in need of URGENT AID > Text ERSL10 £10 to 70070... http://t.co/KA9eRs1C2l

“As we work to create light for others, we naturally light our own way.” ― Mary Anne Radmacher http://t.co/LiJYttKrvR

All it takes is one text, just a few seconds of your time can save a Syrian refugee in Arsal today. >> Please... http://t.co/0iIDhZWPxi

No one, Nowhere, at no time, should go hungry. You can help Syrian refugees in urgent need today, just text... http://t.co/pytKe0lina

2.8 MILLION Syrians have fled to Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan, and Turkey to escape the conflict. 6.5 MILLION people... http://t.co/9qkbobPeTG

6.5 MILLION SYRIAN CHILDREN have been affected by the conflict. Without access to clean water, sanitation or... http://t.co/oi70DnhpNk

"What do we life for, if it is not to make life less difficult for each other" Help us make life a little bit... http://t.co/qRFrw57tVh

2,500 barrel-bombs dropped on northern Syrian city of Aleppo in the past 6 months killing 1,849 civilians,... http://t.co/gDqP8Ey23M

ARSAL EMERGENCY APPEAL Yet again Syrian civilians are caught in between armed clashes. Citizens who fled their... http://t.co/ViLVnYOe9A

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