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Idlib Emergency Appeal

Idlib has been the ‘dumping ground’ for people who have been evacuated and displaced from other regions in Syria over the last 7 years of war.

Orphan Sponsorship

When a family loses the first line of support the father or in worst cases both parents, not only does the child have to cope with the tragedy of…


Over the last three years, with your support, our teams on the ground have set a school in Kumlu Turkey that caters 600 students between the ages of 6- 15 years…

Latest News


British 10K Run

This past Sunday the 15th of July was the British 10k Run,...


8 Staff Members from Global Consultancy Firm Travel to Turkey to Visit Us

This week, a group of 8 volunteers working at Accenture, the global...


Human Care Syria on the ground in Deraa

We at Human Care Syria have been working with our partners WATAN...


     The Si'yam Cup 2018 was a volunteer-run cricket tournament, organized by colleagues,...

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