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Ramadan 2018

Syrians have permanent scars of war and are in dire need of humanitarian assistance. While we can’t remove their scars, you can help them rebuild their future.


The UN has dubbed the Eastern Ghouta Crisis as: ‘HELL ON EARTH’. with Tens of strikes happening every minute, there is no where to run for the 400,000 civilians trapped in the City….


Over the last three years, with your support, our teams on the ground have set a school in Kumlu Turkey that caters 600 students between the ages of 6- 15 years…

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Cricket for Syria

     This year, the Si'yam Ramadan Cricket tournament (based in the UAE) is bringing...


11 Year Old Anna Shaves Off Her Hair For Syria!

  This is Anna, a young girl who decided to shave off all...


US & UK container to Syria!

We have teamed up with 'Giving Children Hope' (United States based Charity) for this...


Eastern Gouta Emergency Appeal

GENEVA (27 October 2017) – The situation of at least 350,000 besieged...

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