About Us

Human Care Syria is the working name of UK-registered NGO, Human Care Foundation Worldwide. Established in 2011, Human Care Syria was one of the first UK led Syrian Charities working inside Syria.

For the past 5 years, with your help we have supported thousands of Syrians on the ground, in Syria and neighbouring countries. Not only providing emergency humanitarian aid in the form of shelter, food and even baby milk; medical aid in the form of medical kits and equipment for Syrian doctors; we focus on rebuilding Syria’s education a system, as well as providing platforms for Syrians to start their own businesses.

Who We Are

2 – 5 years on, what we have achieved

Our mission is to deliver aid and development programmes to those who need it most in an efficient and effective way without prejudice to people’s religion, sex, age or ethnic background.

We are now dedicated to restoring stability to war torn Syria by providing emergency humanitarian aid and relief as well as being committed to the rebuilding Syria through long term development and rehabilitation programs.

Beliefs and Values

We believe that by supporting individuals, we are laying foundations for brighter futures not only for them, but for the entire community and empowering generations to come.


We are accountable to:

  • Our beneficiaries – the people whom we serve;
  • Our supporters – people like you , in the way we use your generous donations for Syria;
  • Our colleagues – on the ground in Syria and in the UK, who work tirelessly to make things happen, some even risking their lives to deliver aid
  • The rules, laws and legislations that govern us

Memberships and Awards

For our work in responding to the Syrian refugee crisis, Human Care Syria was awarded Best New NGO 2013 by the Global Peace and Unity 2013 International Charity Awards

We take pride in excellence in fundraising for Syria in the UK and are a Member of the Diaspora Volunteering Alliance who work together with UK organisations with a common interest in engaging Diaspora volunteers to contribute and support Humanitarian projects.

We are also a member of the dynamic community representing UK’s international development sector BOND for International Development. Bond has been working since 1993 to help NGO’s working in international development.