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28 Dec

Rainstorm Sweeps Over Syrian Camps

Northern Syria, home to hundreds of thousands of displaced Syrian families already facing hardship from the harsh winter conditions befalling their camps. Now they are having to deal with the agony of floods in the region effecting 250,000. Human Care Syria and WATAN field staff are rushing to support the shelters and collective centres, providing food supplies and tents for the estimated 7,500 effected families in the region. Be with us in supporting camp residence by DONATING TODAY

12 Oct

When East Meets West – Queen Mary North African Society

Sunday 9 September saw the HCS team gather at Nadi, Park Royal, for an event that had been over a month in the making. Our Eid With Us event – which, yes, received many remarks of the why-do-all-these-charities-advertise-eid-events-a-month-after-eid? variety – was an opportunity for people from entirely different walks of life to gather and enjoy activities, stalls, and – of course! – performances. The event aimed to raise money for Syrian women and children,...

19 Jul

British 10K Run

This past Sunday the 15th of July was the British 10k Run, where thousands of British runners converge on central London to complete a 10 kilometre run for whatever reason they possess, and from these thousands of people were three who volunteered to run on behalf of Human Care Syria. They ran the full 10k in order to raise funds for Human Care Syria and be of service to the Syrian people. They did this in spite of...

04 Jul

8 Staff Members from Global Consultancy Firm Travel to Turkey to Visit Us

This week, a group of 8 volunteers working at Accenture, the global consultancy agency, travelled to southern Turkey to be of service to Human Care Syria and Watan Foundation projects on the ground. The team took it upon themselves to raise funds for their trip and to donate to the charity, with Accenture match funding their raised total, culminating in raising approximately £6000 in the process.  When they arrived in Turkey, they visited an...

04 Jul

Human Care Syria on the ground in Deraa

We at Human Care Syria have been working with our partners WATAN Foundation to provide rapid response aid to displaced people on the ground in southern Syria. We are running programs to provide shelter kits, hygiene kits, health packages and sanitation packages, alongside any other aid we can provide. The team on the ground is working around the clock to deal with the very difficult situation, made worse due to the raging conflict and the inability to cross...

03 Jul

     The Si’yam Cup 2018 was a volunteer-run cricket tournament, organized by colleagues, friends, and whomever is interested helping others (and playing cricket doing so) in order to raise money for Human Care Syria, and help to provide aid to the Syrian people. The Si’yam Cup took place throughout the month of Ramadan, and involved the time, sweat, and hard work of all those involved in it. By the end of the tournament, the Si’yam Cup had managed to raise thousands of...

20 Jun

World Refugee Day

Today is World Refugee Day, a international observance day intending to highlight the plight of refugees around the world. These past years have been terrible for refugees, with tens of millions of refugees now around the world, forced to flee war, starvation, and other forms of horror. This includes more than 12 million Syria refugees, displaced both internally and externally. These refugees are forced to live in often terrible conditions, unable to return home due to the dangers of doing so. This...

11 Jun

Si’yam Ramadan Cup Finale!

                           The Si’yam Ramadan Cup has come to a stellar conclusion, with the games played, the awards presented, and the tournament wrapped up. The finale took place despite the intense humidity in Dubai throughout the game and the awards ceremony, an enormous credit to the players, presenters and spectators. Regardless of anyone’s role or place in the tournament, all the participants contributed to a great cause, playing cricket for the...

06 Jun

Si’yam Ramadan Cup Updates

The Si’yam Ramadan Cup is in full swing, bringing cricketers together this Ramadan to play the game they love, and raise money for the people of Syria through it.  The teams have been playing and the tournament is reaching its end with the end of the Ramadan fast approaching. Don’t miss out on a chance to follow their progress and see how the tournament is doing, and you can do so from this link: Don’t forget to donate to their cause...

24 May

Accenture Volunteers Trip to Turkey

A group of volunteers from Accenture have signed up to embark on a trip to Turkey in order to support Human Care Syria, visit orphanages in Ankara and deliver educational games and furniture.  We are able to reach a wide range of orphans on the ground in Turkey, providing them aid, education and as normal a life as possible. Orphans are some of the most vulnerable Accenture’s team of volunteers are working hard to raise money for those very orphans...