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Goal: $18,000.00

$ 7

Back 2 School Kit

$ 14

provides a child with essential school supplies for one month

$ 28

sponsors a childs education for one month

$ 212

provides a teachers salary for one month

Our Education Fund not only helps rebuild the future for children it also helps displaced Syrians to earn a living by teaching at our schools. Currently, we are providing jobs to over 100 qualified teachers.

Due to nature of the ongoing conflict millions of Syrian children have been internally displaced and eagerly await to go back to school, thus due to the high demand two of our schools are currently working on a two shift basis; one in the morning and the other in the evening.

Statistics show that over 5000 schools have been destroyed and many others are being used by refugees and displaced people. Donating a small amount of 35p a day will not only provide a child with education but will also change the lives of many generations to come.

Care Schools

Human Care is now supporting over 1600 students and over 120 teachers to continue and strengthen the educational system.
We have fitted our schools with new e-systems in order to develop, modernise the educational system in Syria and provide a long-term plan for the improvement of the schools and academic structure.

We pride ourselves in being a strong educational supporting charity and therefore we always aim to strengthen our teachers, provide them with training and give them an adequate salary to provide a decent life for them and their families. We pay our teachers $125 more than most other charities and this is because we value our teachers and want to provide them with a safe and adequate living in Syria.

We have schools in Aleppo, Idleb and Damascus Suburb with plans to open more schools within Aleppo, Idleb and Hama Suburbs in 2017/18.

You can sponsor a Childs Education for just $ 14 a month


Providing the necessary resources for the students, teachers and schools is one of the most important needs you can provide to keep motivation high for students who are eager to learn and progress. It also helps teachers be able to keep students engaged.

Stationary provided includes: White board, workbooks, pens, pencils, rubbers, paper, different sized activity books, recreational items, pencil cases and back bags.

Donate towards a child’s stationary

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