The Syrian refugees call for aid. Here is what you can do.

If you want to help the Syrian refugees by donating, there are many effective ways you can carry that out so it makes a lasting effect. So let’s find out how can you donate clothes to Syrian refugees.

People of Syria are stuck in one of the worst humanitarian crisis ever. Majority of the civilians were forced to leave their homes, cities and are now living a destitute life. Millions are displaced within Syria, while thousands have taken refuge in the neighbouring countries. None of the two has been easy for them. Leaving their homes and everything that belonged to them; is not the future, Syrian people had envisioned for themselves and their children. But they were left with no other choice than to go. Those who were left behind are confined within the remains of what they once called ‘Home’. The ones who were left behind did not only witness their homes being destroyed but also lost their loved ones right in front of their eyes. The horrors of the war and conflict can never be unseen. It is at this time that they need our support the most. They are in need of all the necessities, from food to shoes. When you send your donations, make sure you donate clothes to the refugees as well as other things.

It has come to the point where these people have nothing. They are glad to be alive. They are going through depression, stress and trauma of the worst kind. It is up to the rest of the world to help them in any way we can. Through any medium, we can.

How Can You Help The Syrian Refugees?

Syrian people are in constant need of food, medical care and shelters. Those who have fled from their hometowns and are now residing in the skimpy refugee camps need the necessities on an urgent basis. The charity organisations are doing marvellous jobs of keeping the refugees safe and healthy. But they need a constant supply of donations in whatever form from the world to continue functioning properly. You can also donate clothes and shoes along with medical supplies and food items.

How To Donate Clothes To Refugees?

The process is simple! You can donate clothes, food, and other supplies to Syrian families online, or by visiting the local offices of the charity organisation. To donate clothes to Syrian refugees directly, you can contact your nearest office of Human Care Syria for assistance. However, there are also other ways you can help. The charity foundations will gladly accept whatever you can spare, whether it is monetary, material, or in the form of perishable items.

What Type Of Clothes Can You Donate?

Any and every kind, really. The Syrian refugees consist of people of all ages: women, men, children, pregnant women, and newborns. Any decent piece of clothing would do. Do keep the season in mind when you are donating clothes to Syria to make your donation more useful. Clothes made out of lighter fabric are best suited for the hot summer days. While the more warm clothes should be donated in the winter season to keep the refugees safe from the wild winters.

Apart from choosing to donate clothes to Syrian refugees, you can also send medical kits, food packs, shoes, and books among other things. Anything that can prove useful to them and is needed in the refugee camps is welcome. If you donate clothes to Syrian refugees, we can help serve humanity and give hope to someone caught in struggles.

One thing to consider before sending clothes to Syria is to make sure that the clothes aren’t torn and are in a wearable condition. However, please avoid sending any unnecessary bulky items to countries across the ocean. Only send what you feel the refugees can really use.

Donating To The Refugees Present In Other Countries

The resources of the world are not split up into equal proportions. That is just how the current economic system works. So if we ponder how we can help those in need, we can start with our donations. If you have any clothes that you were planning to put out or sell at a pawn shop, then you can show your generosity and send clothes to Syria. While countries like Canada, UK, Greece, Germany and Turkey are welcoming refugees from Syria, further help can be sent to these countries through reliable sources. These countries have set up community centres in these places where people who want to donate clothes and other necessities are facilitated in their efforts. You can send clothes and different types of accessories required for a living to the refugee camps in these countries. When you provide clothes and similar necessities to the refugees, you show them the world cares!

By donating clothes and shoes to the refugees, you can help bring smiles to their faces. Their lives are full of worries and anxieties. With your support, they will have one less problem to worry. The life of a refugee parent can get slightly better, knowing their children have food to fill their tummy and clothes to cover their body.

The war in Syria is far from over. In less than a decade of war, the lives of the people of Syria have changed drastically. Most of us can’t even fathom the troubles of these refugees. We need to do all that we can to help and support the Syrian refugees with our donations. Human Care Syria is present on the ground and is making a tremendous difference in the lives of those affected by the war. HCS has several ongoing projects including food security, livelihood, education, child development and protection, and emergency relief to name a few. If your donation can help even a single person feel better, then it is worth the effort. Donate to Syria on and make a difference.