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Homs Evacuation Appeal

Homs Evacuation Appeal

Homs Evacuation of civilians overshadowed by the media overusing the word 'Rebels' to take away the significance of another Syrian heartache.


The al-Waer area (Homs) is home to about 75,000 people and has been under a siege since 2013, triggering shortages of medicine and occasionally food. 

Over the past week the media has been quiet with regards to the current evacuation, focusing its attention to the 'hundreds' of rebels leaving the city. Little media and public attention given to the 12,000 Civilians also leaving the area over the next six to eight weeks, some bound for towns near the Turkish borders whilst the rest are split between Idlib and the Northern Suburbs of Homs.

The 12,000 Civilians leaving their homes and lives behind may not be as newsworthy as the hundreds of Rebels leaving the city but we cannot watch silently without offering help to the innocent people caught in between political cross fire.

Our 'Homs Evacuation Appeal' aims to assist the families once they reach Northern Suburbs of Homs with shelter, food and sanitation.



Food Basket - £40

Containing mixed canned food and Baby milk formulae


Sanitation Kit - £20

Containing soap, shampoo, women sanitation needs and other utilities


Shelter Pack - £180

Containing a rug, 5 mattresses, 5 blankets and kitchen tools.


Full Family Pack - £240

Shelter, Food & Sanitation 







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