Syria Emergency Appeal

The civilians in Syria are at risk of serious suffering due to the lack of humanitarian aid.  Severe weather, flooding and political instability have raised more concerns over the future of civilians in Syria.

According to the UN Security Council, more than 11.7 million Syrians are in desperate need of humanitarian assistance. Civilians continue to flee their homes amid the ongoing conflict. Access to clean water is extremely difficult. 2 million people rely on water supplies via truck delivery. 1.7 million People need critical aid. Children are among the most affected by the lack of consistent aid. In North-West Syria, 40% of children are out of school.

The situation is turning dire, especially in Rukban and Al-Hol camps. Consistency in the delivery of aid is crucial to the prevention of the imminent catastrophe threatening the future of civilians of Syria.

Human Care Syria is on the ground with its partners – delivering food, medical supplies, educating children and helping them with several other projects. Responding to the current situation in the country, Human Care Syria pledges to speed up and scale up the level of support we are able to provide to the civilians inside Syria. Your donation will go directly towards the neediest. Please donate now!

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Medical Support

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Provide a monthly food pack for a family

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