Syrian Children’s Silent Crisis: Disability

$ 134


$ 4,947

Adapting a school with wheelchair facilities

$ 141

Diabetic treatment
(insulin for a year)

$ 71

School psychological support programs (per child a year)

More than 5.3 million children in Syria need humanitarian assistance; close to half of these children have been displaced and many of them belong to families that have lost everything.

People with disabilities are often ignored in projects due to the lack of programs that cater to their needs. We have put together a number of programs that specifically target the needs of the children we look after in our 30 schools.

At Human Care Syria and our working partners WATAN foundation we facilitate the running of 30 schools. You can assist us in adapting our schools to be wheelchair accessible. Each school’s full adaptation costs £3,500. You can also uplift a child’s quality of life by providing a wheelchair.

Children’s diabetes is also prevalent – you can provide a child with vital monthly supplies of insulin as well as check-ups for just £100 a year – that is less than £9 a month.

 We also train teachers on how to effectively teach children who suffer from trauma, incorporatingting such methods as music and art therapy, as well as counselling, in our school curriculum. We have an approximate total of 1,000 children between our 30 schools directly suffering from anxiety, post-traumatic stress, and depression. Assisting us in establishing a routine through school and recreational activities is the best way to begin emotionally healing these children.