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Care Schools

Over the last three years, with your support, our teams on the ground have set a school in Kumlu Turkey that caters 600 students between the ages of 6- 15 years, and has 22 staff members. We have also established four schools inside Syria, two in Aleppo and the other two in Idlib. Our schools currently have 2,640 students enrolled between the ages of 6-15 years.

Our Education Fund not only helps rebuild the future for children it also helps displaced Syrians to earn a living by teaching at our schools. Currently we are providing jobs to over 100 qualified teachers.

Due to nature of the ongoing conflict millions of Syrian children have been internally displaced and eagerly await to go back to school, thus due to the high demand two of our schools are currently working on a two shift basis; one in the morning and the other in the evening.

The "Care Schools" is a non-profit project dependent on donations. We will provide the compulsory education for students aged 6 to 15 which is years 1 – 9 for the period of the academic year. The education provided will be complemented with a psychosocial and enriched extra-curriculum activities programme to support their academic progress and personal development.

Our aim this academic year, starting in September 2016, is to expand this successful experience and open five more schools for up to 1,750 children as well as providing jobs for over 100 qualified members of staff from the Syrian IDPs or refugees.

Statistics show that over 2,960 schools have been destroyed and many others are being used by refugees and displaced people.

Donating a small amount of 35p a day will not only provide a child with education but will also change the lives of many generations to come.

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We believe that every Syrian child has a right to basic education but in parts of Syria as a result of the current crisis, many have been denied this right.

Hundreds of thousands of children have not been attending school for the last four years.

Human Care Syria addresses this problem by supporting initiatives that seek to train teachers to improve the quality of education they provide in order to deliver an innovative teaching programme to help restore some stability to children's lives.

Criteria of School Selection

  1. The school and its academic members should be non-political and non- profit making.
  2. The school and its academic members should neither be a clan based nor bias.
  3. The school and its academic members should be respectful members in the targeted communities.
  4. The school location is carefully studied covering three aspects: Need, Security and Legitimate Local Partner.

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